Anonymous said: Is it ok to use mimi's photo as my wallpaper on phone d i wont post it anywhere

it’s perfectly fine for personal use (: 

inazumalegendhk said: *FLOODS YOUR ASK AS A SIGN OF FRIENDLINESS* ^___^ \(*0*)/ hahahaa :D And omigosh yes I'd love to follow your main blog!! :3 It can't seem to load properly for me though >< might have to refresh more :P

lol it’s `-`

idk why it’s not working poopz

inazumalegendhk said: x3 hahaha phones are great for photo-taking too!!! :P I have an old Canon 5dMk2 sitting around but I still have to learn how to use it properly ^^ :3 >_> anddd sorry for flooding your ask box haha it looks more like a conversation now rather than a question....

it’s perfectly alright xD !

i dont get many messages so it’s nice to know there are people outside my blog haha~

if you want you can always message me more on my main blog too :3

inazumalegendhk said: OH YAY :D I was just sitting through here going through every photo xD (especially the kitty ones omigosh) and I love them!! ^_^ Really looking forward to more photos c: P.s. what camera is that? :o

haha thank you c: ! 

glad you like them :D and currently, I am using a Canon 20D to take my photos c: (sometimes my phone)

inazumalegendhk said: Hello :D I was wondering if your blog was still active? c:

hello c: ! 

and my blog is semi active `-`… it’s more on hiatus because I haven’t gone on any photography splurges haha. 

Anonymous said: Don't hide your face in your photo's. You're far prettier than you think - Lloyd.

haha thank you c: that’s very sweet of you

ishi1988 said: Thanks a lot for the reply Lydia :) it's huge relief to know that this gorgeous girl has a home <3 I was worried about her because I also thought he was in a shelter or something. she is probably the most beautiful kitty I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing her breath-takingly beautiful pictures with us :) & would love to see more pictures of her. <3

you’re welcome!

and unfortunatly, i dont work at the clinic anymore ;^; so please look foreward to my other photos c: !

ishi1988 said: Hi I'm Isha & I want to know about the beautiful cat Mimi.. has Mimi adopted? if not what shelter she is in? can we get more information about this kitty? my heart was so broken when I see that cat in a cage. she doesn't deserve to be there. she deserves a loving home.. please let me know about this.. thank you.

hello Isha!

I would like to refer you to my FAQ section on my blog (/faq) and those will answer all your questions ^0^

If the FAQ does not answer your question, feel free to be more specific c: thank you ~!

deepfriedmarshmallow said: Oh! terribly sorry, I looked through your blog and saw you telling people to refer to the faq. since you didn't have any way to get to any faq on your blog I tried typing it in to the url and was able to find it. I thought she looked like a ragdoll! You only say ragdoll, is she a pure breed, or do you just not know?

to answer both you message, yes, mimi is a ragdoll and thank you for referring to the faqs XD and yes, she’s a pure breed because i volunteered at the veterinarian and i was able to read some notes about her and take care of her. ^0^

whobutt said: shouldn't one of your faqs be about yourself or the kind of camera that you use? (I am curious, sorry)

oh good question haha 

i never bothered to put it, but thanks for the suggestion.

but to answer your question, I use a Canon 20D or sometimes my iPhone 5