deepfriedmarshmallow said: Oh! terribly sorry, I looked through your blog and saw you telling people to refer to the faq. since you didn't have any way to get to any faq on your blog I tried typing it in to the url and was able to find it. I thought she looked like a ragdoll! You only say ragdoll, is she a pure breed, or do you just not know?

to answer both you message, yes, mimi is a ragdoll and thank you for referring to the faqs XD and yes, she’s a pure breed because i volunteered at the veterinarian and i was able to read some notes about her and take care of her. ^0^

whobutt said: shouldn't one of your faqs be about yourself or the kind of camera that you use? (I am curious, sorry)

oh good question haha 

i never bothered to put it, but thanks for the suggestion.

but to answer your question, I use a Canon 20D or sometimes my iPhone 5

tinkerbellblogg said: PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT KIND OF CAT THAT IS? haha I'm getting a cat soon and I would like to know to maybe make it an option. :) I like your blog btw, soooo fooolllooowwwww :3

Mimi is a Rag Doll :D

if you’re looking for more information regarding the cat, refer to the faq on my blog :3 

and thank you for the follow :D

My Eyes w/ Circle Lenses on 
Sunset at Edmonds Beach | Washington State
Anonymous said: that cat is gorgeous but you took some amazing pictures of mimi...

haha thank you ~! glad you like them

Anonymous said: i would really like to know Mimi's breed. she is just beautiful!

please read the faqs and your questions will be answered

spaghetti-assassin said: Your photos are so visually pleasing, it's like an orgasm for my eyes. Keep up the good work. :)

wow~! thank you c:

and i hope to post some more work later when i do more shoots :3 !!